Goat Farming Project Report: Download PDF


  • Goat farming project report for any no. of goats.
  • Detailed goat farming project report for bank loan as per bank standards.
  • Instant download in an advanced customizable PDF.
  • Download PDF, enter the no. of goats etc. and save/print.
  • All calculations are automatic.
  • Use this project report to calculate cost and profit in goat farming project in India.


This is a Goat Farming Project Report for bank loans. With this project report you can calculate the cost of setting up a goat farm in India. You can use this goat farm project report for any no. of goats and you can customize your project details like no. of goat, goat breed, cost of goat kids, cost of feeds, rate of goat etc. and the system will automatically calculate and generate the goat farming project report PDF as per bank standards.

Content of Goat Farm Project Report

  1. Project at a Glance: Here goes the objective of goat rearing, project overview, financial overview, subsidy details and promoter details. You can change the no. goats and generate project reports as per your need. All the calculations in this PDF are automatic like excel. You just need to enter your requirements and the final project report will be generated automatically.
  2. Introduction: This section gives details about the goat farming industry in India.
  3. Scope for Goat Farming: Details on scope for goat farming in India. Goat farming business plans should be made as per the scope.
  4. Goat Farming Technology: This section explains the technology of goat farming. Goat farming technology covers selection of parent stock, selection of farm location, selection of farm land, capacity of the farm, goat rearing system, goat sheds, equipment, electricity, feeding, water arrangement, checkup, record keeping, insurance, labour etc.
  5. Market Strategy: Details on marketing of goat and byproducts like manure etc.
  6. SWOT Analysis: Analysis of strength, weakness, opportunities and threats in goat farming in India.
  7. Techno-Economic Parameters: This section gives details about technical parameters, expense parameters, income parameters and economic parameters.
    • Technical Parameters: No. of does, no. of bucks, kidding, sex ratio, maturity, mortality, floor space, labour requirement etc.
    • Expense Parameters: Details on various project costs like shed construction, cost of parent stock, feeding cost, equipment cost, medicine, vaccine, labour etc.
    • Income Parameters: Details on no. of goat kids, kid rate, manure production and rate, empty gunny bag rate.
    • Economic Parameters: Interest rate on bank loan, repayment of loan, promoter contribution.
  8. Project Cost: Calculation of cost of setting up a goat farm in India as per the expense parameters.
  9. Working Capital Computation: Working capital computation for the first batch until the farm started generating revenue.
  10. Means of Finance: Calculation of bank loan as per the project cost and promoter contribution.
  11. Heard Projection: Complete projection of heard movement.
  12. Feed Calculation: Calculation of feed requirement for adult goats and kids for first 6 years.
  13. Production Calculation: Production calculation of goat kids, culled goats, manure and empty gunny bags.
  14. Profitability Statement: Calculation of profit in your proposed goat farming project. Net income will be calculated after deducting the expense from total revenue.
  15. Benefit-Cost Ratio: Calculation of BCR, NPV, NPW, IRR etc. as per bank standards.
  16. Repayment of Loan: Calculation of bank interest, yearly outstanding of loan and yearly installment to be paid to repay the goat farming project bank loan.
  17. Debt Service Coverage Ratio: Calculation of DSCR as per bank standards.
  18. Conclusion

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Interactive PDF

How to Use

How to Download and Use Project Report PDF:

1. Once you've purchased the project report you'll receive an email instantly containing the download link of the PDF and an PASSWORD to open the PDF.
2. After downloading the PDF, open it using the PASSWORD.
3. Change the specific details like no. of birds, cost of day-old-chicks etc. to generate the project report as per your needs.
5. Save.
6. Use this DPR as cost/profitability calculator or "Print" and submit the DPR to bank for project loan.

NOTE: Use a PDF reader (e.g. Adobe Reader, Acrobat Reader etc.) or open the PDF in Google Chrome browser to customize the project report as per your requirement.


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