How much land required for poultry farming?

There are different space requirements for broiler, layer and country chicken farming. These are as follows-

  1. Broiler Poultry: Up to the age of 18 days, broilers need 450 cm2 of floor space, 3cm feed space and 1.5 cm water space. For birds ranging from 19 to 42 days of age they need a floor space of 1000 cm2, 6-7 cm of feed space and 3 cm of water space.
  2. Layer Poultry: a) In case of deep litter system, a floor space of approximately 2 sq. ft. per bird must be provided. b) In case of cage system, the floor dimensions must be 18 inch by 12 inch. This space is sufficient to accommodate 3 to maximum 5 birds.
  3. Country Chicken: Chicks brooding in deep litter need about 280 cm² of floor space per chick. From the 6th week approximately one square foot of floor space must be provided. Overcrowding in the brooding stage can cause stress thereby leading to infections and mortality. The feed conversion ratio and growth must be proportional to the floor space available for the chicks.

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