Dairy Farm Project Report (Cow) for Bank Loan: Download PDF

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  • Dairy farm project report for 10/20/50/100 or any no. of cows.
  • Detailed project report on dairy farming as per bank standards for bank loan.
  • Instant download in an advanced customizable PDF.
  • Download PDF, enter the no. of cows etc. and save/print.
  • All calculations are automatic (Can be used as dairy farm profit calculator).


Do not take decision of investing lakhs or crores of money into dairy business by reading “free dairy farming project report” available online. Here is the Detailed Project Report on Dairy Farming as per bank standard.

This is a dairy farming project report for bank loan. With this project report you can calculate cost of setting up a dairy farm in India and make your dairy business plan. This project report is in advanced customizable PDF format so that you can enter your project details e.g. your name and address, no. of cows etc. and it will automatically calculate and generate the dairy farm loan application DPR as per bank standards. If you are not applying for bank loan for dairy farming then you can use this PDF as “dairy farm profit calculator” to make your investment decision.

Contents of this Dairy Farm Project Report PDF

  1. Project at a Glance: Here goes the promoter details, dairy project profile and financial indicators. You can change the no. of cows here and generate “dairy farm project report for 10 cows”, “dairy farming project report for 20 cows”, “dairy farming project report for 100 cows” or dairy project report on any no. of cows you want. All the calculations in this PDF is automatic like excel. You just need need to enter your details.
  2. Introduction: This section gives details about dairy farming industry in India. You’ll find here the answer of the most asked question “Is dairy farming profitable?”.
  3. Dairy Farming Technology: Details about suitable farm location, cow shed construction, equipment, plant & machinery, feeding, breeding, veterinary facilities, electricity, marketing of milk and byproducts etc.
  4. Scope of Dairy Farming: Scope of dairy farming in India. Dairy business plan should be made as per the scope.
  5. SWOT Analysis: Analysis of scope, weakness, opportunities and threats in dairy farm business in India.
  6. Basic Parameters: Details on technical parameters like land for fodder cultivation, area per animal, inter-calving period, labour requirement; details on economic parameters like interest on bank loan, loan repayment period.
  7. Expense Parameters: Details on various input costs like cow shed or dairy housing construction, milk room or staff room construction, electricity and water, milking machine, chaff cutter, cost of cow, transportation cost, feeding cost etc.
  8. Income Parameters: Details on milk production and price, manure production and price, gunny bag production and price.
  9. Project Cost: Calculation of cost of setting up a dairy farm in India as per the expense and income parameters.
  10. Working Capital Computation: Working capital computation of the first month of the first batch of the animals.
  11. Means of Finance: Calculation of bank loan as per the project cost and promoter contribution.
  12. Feeding Cost: Calculation of feeding cost of green fodder, dry fodder and concentrate feed for both lactation period and dry period.
  13. Lactation Day Calculation: Calculation of milking days for 5 years for each batch of cows.
  14. Dry Day Calculation: Calculation of dry days for 5 years for each batch of cows.
  15. Production Calculation: Production calculation of milk, manure, salable animals and empty gunny bags for 5 years.
  16. Profitability Statement: Calculation of profit in your proposed dairy project. Net income will be calculated after deducting the expense from total revenue.
  17. Benefit-Cost Ratio: Calculation of BCR, NPV, NPW, IRR etc. as per bank standards.
  18. Repayment of Loan: Calculation of bank interest, yearly outstanding of loan and yearly installment to be paid to repayment the milk dairy project loan.
  19. Debt Service Coverage Ration: Calculation of DSCR as per bank standards.
  20. Conclusion

Dairy Loan & Subsidy

Remember, there is no govt. loan for dairy farming, govt. gives dairy loan subsidy through various govt. agencies like NABARD. Banks like SBI, PNB etc. gives dairy farm business loan. This dairy farming in India project report will be helpful to generate project report for small to large dairy farm to get NABARD subsidy and dairy farm loan from SBI, PNB or any other bank.

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1. Once you've purchased the project report you'll receive an email instantly containing the download link of the PDF and an PASSWORD to open the PDF.
2. After downloading the PDF, open it using the PASSWORD.
3. Change the specific details like no. of cow, cost of cow etc. to generate the project report as per your needs.
5. Save.
6. Use this DPR as cost/profitability calculator or "Print" and submit the DPR to bank for project loan.

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